Planning & Zoning

Submission Procedures

The Planning and Zoning System provides the public with 24/7/365 access to self-service project application submissions in a contactless environment.

General Instructions

Each application will require the applicant to complete required information fields and upload copies of plans and other required documentation. The links below will identify the requirements. Please ensure you have all the required information and documents ready to upload prior to beginning the online application process. Applications that are submitted without the required documentation may delay the review process or cause the application to be rejected.

Application Instructions

Prior to submitting the application via our online portal, it is highly recommended that you first download the corresponding PDF Application and/or Checklist/Instructions.  These reference documents provide the information needed to prepare relevant documentation prior to successful online submittal.  The PDF Application is for reference only.

To select an application, use the search box below.  The system will filter permit types as you scroll.   You can search by permit type or permit use.  Use will list various options under each type.   You may also scroll through the list.  After ensuring you have all the required information for upload, click the "Apply Online" link for the required application.